How To Watch and Stream UFC Online

Due to the global reach the Ultimate Fighting Championship enjoys these days, more and more fight fans are tuning in.

Well, trying to, at least. While there are a number of ways to catch the fights online, it was exceptionally difficult at one time for fans to find a worthy stream. Thankfully, given the immense range of options currently out there, UFC enthusiasts should be able to locate a strong stream for pretty much any event on the roster.

Paying to Watch UFC Online

Given the sheer size of the UFC’s promotion machine, it is very easy to purchase fights. This legitimate route is the first option for anyone when looking for a fight stream. That being said, it would be naive to assume that a large number of fight fans don’t use other means to watch the likes of Max Holloway, Stipe Miocic, Daniel Cormier, Tyron Woodley, and the rest of the premier class of mixed martial artists get down to it.

The UFC is a business and partly relies on spectators; income in order to function. Many fans understand this and have no problem shelling out to watch the bouts.

Streaming through UFC Fight Pass

UFC Fight Pass is designed as the comprehensive go-to place for fans of the promotion. The site contains a library of historic fights available to access, in addition to Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series, exclusive pre-fight weigh-ins, and Fight Pass Prelims.

Subscribers can also get their hands on behind the scenes footage and fighter interviews, along with access to The Ultimate Fighter and a few more extras.

When it comes to using Fight Pass to access live fights, things can be a little more complicated depending on where you are in the world. For example, in the UK, BT Sport has exclusive access to pay-per-view bouts. This means that you would need to subscribe directly through BT Sport in order to watch the fights live.

You can always catch the main event via Fight Pass, but expect to wait up to a month until you can watch it on this platform. Although there are specific events which are exclusive to Fight Pass, the platform is, for the most part, used by fans in the UK for other purposes. This is due to the fact that broadcast restrictions in the region mean that fans will be redirected to BT Sports to watch live pay-per-view events.

Watching on BT Sport

Due to BT Sports; exclusive deal with the UFC to broadcast the fights to the UK and Irish audience, there is nowhere better to watch the sport in this part of the world. BT Sports transmits an incredible 150 hours of fight action every year as part of its deal with the foremost MMA company in the world.

With an archive of historic fights, TUF, and most of the other features of UFC Fight Pass with BT Sports, having both makes little sense, from a British or Irish perspective.

Watching UFC for Free

There is no doubt that fans who may not want to go down the route of paying to watch the bouts have more access to options than those that do. Streaming continues to be the more popular way to enjoy fights, but it is not something which we either condone or celebrate.

That being said, we do recognise that there are many ways to watch UFC for free online. Below, we look at the most common options for MMA viewers.

Watching on Streaming Sites

There are a number of sites which you can use to watch UFC events in your browser. Sites like,,, and are all sites which seem to be popular among those who do not want to, or cannot, pay for UFC events.

These sites give access to free UFC pay-per-view events, which attracts the attention of thousands around the world. Sites like the ones listed above have varying degrees of quality and are far from guaranteed to be reliable.

Watching via Kodi; Android

Many of the viewers of UFC events that do so via Kodi like to go through Bennu. This is a platform which is designed for sports in general – not just the UFC – so there is a pretty wide reach with this Kodi add-on. There are a few others which Kodi enthusiasts use, but these have been known to change or work on a rotational basis.

For those with Android boxes, or who prefer to watch via mobile or device, Mobdro seems to be the favourite choice. With Mobdro, viewers access sites such as Fox, ESPN, or BT Sports in order to get the stream directly to their device.

Downloading Torrents

Some fans are known to use torrents, downloading a pre-recorded copy of the event to watch after the fights have concluded. The thing about watching UFC events this way is that you would essentially have to avoid the results in order to watch the fights without knowing how they ended.

If you look at pretty much any UFC or MMA forum, you will come across at least one conversation regarding a viewer downloading a pay-per-view from U-Torrent or one of the other torrent sites… and then avoiding social media and all human contact to avoid spoilers.

Watching UFC Outside the UK

Outside of the UK, there are other options for UFC enthusiasts to watch online. While the promotion has been cracking down on fights and clips from YouTube and other sites such as Daily Motion, if you are quick enough, you can usually get the best of the action up to 24 hours later.

This is hardly a reliable way to watch the fights, but a high number of viewers can watch the fights this way. A little birdie once told us that there are some who stream UFC pay-per-view events live via YouTube and Facebook, too.


You can be certain that the eventual yet long-awaited next appearance of Conor McGregor inside the Octagon will be a big one. Given the numerous ways to watch UFC online, you can bet that there will be many deciding which is the best one for their circumstances.

To those who opt for the free version of watching the fights, ensure you sufficient anti-virus software to keep you protected at all times.