Venezuelan boxer Yeison Cohen passes away, aged 28

Sad news in the world of boxing this week to hear that Venezuelan boxer Yeison Cohen has passed away, aged 28.

Cohen had to be rushed to intensive care earlier on during the month after suffering a brain haemorrhage. The WBA reportedly covered Cohen’s medical bills as a courtesy gesture.

The WBA announced that Cohen passed away last weekend after the fight which took place in Barranquilla, Colombia. A hospital spokesman said: “(Cohen) was in the intensive care unit with a critical diagnosis due to a severe brain inflammation and bruising on the left side of his brain.

“The patient never had a neurological recovery and always remained in a coma with difficulties. He fell to the ground after his trainer refused to allow him to enter the ring for the eighth round of a fight with journeyman Hugo Berrio.”

The bout should never have taken place as Cohen entered with a 2-7- 1 record which included no victories during his prior eight fights and had suffered losses during his prior three appearances. Berrio on the other hand had entered the contest with a 25-7- 1 record.

A number of deaths have rocked the world of boxing during recent times, which has put the sport under the spotlight and further highlighted the physical threat of competing as a professional.

Canadian boxer David Whittom passed away last week at the age of 39 after being placed in a coma following a fight. Whittom had been incarcerated in a coma for 10 months prior to his eventual death.

British boxer Scott Westgarth also passed away recently at the age of 31 after a fight in Doncaster, England. Westgarth won his eliminator fight against Dec Spelman but had to be rushed to hospital afterwards and was shortly declared dead.

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