Vasiliy Lomachenko vs. Jose Pedraza Preview, Tips and Prediction

Two champions in their prime go at it this weekend in a lightweight unification match in Madison Square Garden, New York. Check out our online preview and boxing predictions for  Lomachenko vs. Pedraza in this article. 

Lomachenko vs. Pedraza Pedraza Preview

This 130-lbs contest is billed as the main event of seven gruelling match-ups in New York, this weekend. The ring walks for this event are poised for around 4am for viewers in the UK, or 3pm for those watching in Australia. 

Lomachenko is now 11 fights in to his six-year tenure as a professional boxer after graduating from the amateur ranks.  In a brisk 105 rounds the Ukrainian has gracefully engineered a 75% KO record. His most recent victim, King Jorge Linares, almost came close to putting Loma’s wicked run to an end when he floored the champion early on in the 2018 clash. Not one to break a habit, Lomachenko rewrote that script to deliver a knockout blow of his own late on and claim the WBA strap. 

In meeting Pedraza, Hi-Tech is gifted the opportunity to grab more gold by challenging the Puerto Rican’s WBO belt to fulfil his ambitions of mopping up the entire lightweight division, matching compatriot Usyk’s unification mission at cruiserweight. 

Pedraza has been the more active of the two boxers of late; the man they call Sniper made three appearances in 2018 with back-to-back unanimous decisions. A positive sign that the Puerto Rican has picked himself up from the annihilation dealt to him by Gevonta Davis the previous year. Davis, who was also unbeaten at the time, dismantled Pedraza midway through their bout after dropping viscous blows to the head and body. 

Lomachenko vs. Pedraza Betting Tips

No guessing who the favourite to win this fight is in the eyes of the oddsmakers. Lomachenko is tipped to win outright by every major betting platform worth it’s salt, scoring odds from 1/20 to as long as 1/50. It goes without saying that backing Hi-Tech to get the win isn’t enough of a pull, so money is more likely to be won on picking a round stoppage. 

For those with a sense of humour, or no sense whatsoever, betting on Pedraza to emerge from the ring with both belts will give 10/1.  

Lomachenko to win – Round group betting

The Ukrainian has carved himself out a reputation as a boxer who forces opponents to quit on their stool. Four fighters on the bounce have said “no more” when hearing the ring bell. Only a brave performance from Linares curbed that run, notwithstanding a TKO that gave him his first L in the game. 

Betting on Loma to finish the fight within the distance is another long odds battle not to be entertained, which is why we’re looking closer at the margins for individual rounds. 

Give allowance for mild ring rust and the sprightly  resistance from Pedraza, a man with immense pride and and at full fitness, a stoppage towards the latter rounds seams realistic. 

You can get 2/1 from most oddsmakers for Loma to win the fight between rounds 1-6, and rounds 7-12. 

Fight Prediction

We let the cat out the bag early on this preview by chalking up the pros of Lomachenko and the chinks in Pedraza’s armour.

And to elaborate on that secondary point, we’re not fully convinced of Pedraza’s reemergance as a challenger post Gevonta Davis. During their fight, he marched forward and exchanged blows with little effect, whilst leaving an abundance of space below the ribs to get caught.  Loma doesn’t stop buzzing for a hot minute, and those openings from his opponent on the night will become easy access for a straight up mauling. 

Lomachenko to win inside the distance is a reasonable prediction to make, whilst the only question is going to be how quickly can he finish off his man? If he sunk Linares late on, then Pedraza goes down in six or seven. 

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