UFC President Dana White to sign up boxing heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua

UFC president Dana White is keen on offering heavyweight boxer Anthony Joshua a multi-fight contract, according to latest UFC news reports.

According to a report released by The Telegraph, the UFC are hoping that Joshua and his team appear to part ways with Eddie Hearn and join the Zuffa Boxing umbrella brand. They are so keen on securing a deal with the Brit that they are reportedly even prepared to fork out half a billion dollars in order to make a deal happen.

However the deal will not involve fighting in the Octagon. During an interview with ESPN, Joshua also indicated that he does not have an interest in crossing over from boxing to mixed martial arts.

He did express his interest in listening to the offer from Zuffa Boxing and could take up the offer if he feels that it is right, suggesting a career in the UFC could be on the horizon.

“We’ll listen, and 100 percent if it makes sense, we’re all in,” Joshua said. “So I’m happy that Dana’s coming into the game, hopefully we can add some excitement and we can progress forward and make some more money and make some good fights.”

The 28-year- old Joshua is currently one of the biggest names in boxing and as crossing over between sports has become lucrative and fashionable, as proven by the Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather boxing match which took place last August.

More are likely to cross-over in the future and it will not be surprising if Joshua does cross over to the UFC one day. He is certainly one who will be able to attract large audiences and draw huge sums of money for the brand.

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