UFC News Round-Up 9.2.18: Brown Taunts Snoop Dogg

 “The Immortal” Matt Brow ‘just might punch’ the Hip Hop legend if he sees him
 Mark Hunt set to sue any opponent popped for steroids
 Dominick Cruz slams TJ Dillashaw
 Luke Rockhold set to “break” Yoel Romero
 Roy Jones Jr. calls out Anderson Silva following win in final bout

Snoop Dogg had better watch out for Matt Brown…

Matt Brown is still seething following the rapper’s Instagram video message aimed at Conor McGregor following the Irishman’s loss to Floyd Mayweather in August. Brown opened up about the Californian icon’s lack of respect on a recent appearance on the Joe Rogan

Experience MMA Show:

“Snoop Dogg, that piece of sh-t. I’ll call him out. He called out Conor [McGregor]. Remember, he called him a b-tch? That’s not cool, man. I don’t care [if he was f-cked up]. He put it out in public. He could have apologized, deleted it, whatever. If I go to the UFC PI [Performance Institute] I might just punch him, if I see him there. I’m cool with that. I’m just saying. That really offends me, man.”

“You know what, man? Conor, people all have their opinions about him, I respect the sh-t out of that guy. I love what he’s done. I love his shtick. I think he’s a true sportsman. I like [how] he comes into the limelight for a little while and then he goes back, and I think he goes back and he works his ass off. I really think he does. He wouldn’t be where he’s at if he didn’t, but everybody judges him by what he does out here.”

Mark Hunt still fighting the war on drugs

In an interview with Fan Sided, UFC heavyweight legend Mark Hunt sent a message to any future opponent that if United States Anti Doping Agency (USADA) catches them cheating, he will sue them, and sue them fast:

“If you’re using steroids and cheating, I’m suing you,” Hunt asserted. “That’s the message for Curtis. Anyone that I fight that’s cheating, is going to get their punk-asses sued.”

Dominick Cruz slams TJ Dillashaw

UFC bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw has been called out by rival Dominick Cruz for his desire to fight flyweight kingpin and pound-for- pound number 1 Demetrious Johnson. Cruz believes that Dillashaw must defend his title at 135-pounds in order to establish himself as the true champ of the division:

“I think [the championship] should be my next fight, but they play weird games where they want to give T.J. Dillashaw an easier fight because he doesn’t want to fight somebody hard right after he won the title” said Cruz.

“He wants an easy fight. So he wants to fight somebody that he knows he can keep the belt a little longer before he knows he gets a really hard fight, whereas I went T.J. Dillashaw, Urijah Faber, Cody Garbrandt and then I lose the belt.

“Let’s go T.J.! I beat you. Don’t you want to get that back? Stop going down and looking for little baby boys at 125. Silly Dilly, that’s what I call him.”

Luke Rockhold aiming to “break” Yoel Romero

Following Robert Whittaker’s withdrawal from UFC 221, Yoel Romero stepped up to face Luke Rockhold in the main event of the evening.

Rockhold, who is set to battle the Cuban powerhouse for the first time in the promotion, believes that he can expose a weakness of Romero’s on Saturday night:

“I think Yoel’s body has limitations,” Rockhold told media at the open workouts on Friday. “I think he has the mindset of a champion.

“He’ll fight til the end. His mind will tell him to, but his body will break. A body like that can only be built to go so hard for so long.

Roy Jones Jr. refusing to give up on Anderson Silva fight

All-time great Roy Jones Jr. won a unanimous decision in what was billed as the last boxing match of his career last night in Florida. Following the bout, Jones called out former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva:

“I don’t make excuses, but all y’all can call the Andrews Institute and they’ll tell you that last week, I tore my left bicep once again. But because it was Pensacola, I refused to pull out,” Jones said.

“Last but not least, Dana, I know you listening. I know Anderson’s suspended, but that’s the only fight that Roy Jones may return to the ring for. Other than that, chapter closed.”

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