UFC News Round-Up 13.2.18: Jon Jones Back in 2018?

  • “Bones” looks set for a return to the UFC, according to Malki Kawa
  • Tyron Woodley hits out at Dana White
  • The grass is greener for Conor McGregor
  • Joanna Jedrzejczyk claims that doctors are responsible for her UFC title loss
  • Ben Askren targeting GSP for a 2019 super fight

Jon Jones to make UFC return sooner than anticipated

Former light heavyweight champion Jon Jones was popped for the use of a banned substance following his win over Daniel Cormier at UFC 214 in July. Malki Kawa told Luke Thomas that fans could be in line to see the all-time great make his Octagon return this year:

“By the end of this month I think we get some clarity on the issues. We have a hearing with the California State Athletic Commission and we’re hoping to get the investigation with USADA wrapped up by then, as well.

“Hopefully it all works out that way. I got to assume that by the end of March, for a fact, we will get this resolved and get an idea of what it’s looking like. I’d like to say about a 95-percent chance [he will fight in 2018].

“If USADA is a respectable organization, which I think that they are, and they take all the information they compiled, all the interviews that they’ve done and all the things they’ve seen, they know for a fact that Jon Jones was not cheating and he was not intentionally taking any kind of substance.

“I think they know that and everybody can come to that conclusion based on the circumstances of his situation. That’s the most I am going to say at this point because it is obviously on-going.”

“Pissed off” Tyron Woodley demands talks with Dana White

UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley told Ariel Helwani on Monday’s episode of the MMA Hour that he is far from happy with White. Woodley believes that he has thrown under the bus by the UFC President, who has indicated that he was being dishonest about a potential fight with Nate Diaz:

“That’s a little bit harsh, a little bit hardcore for somebody who is wearing the belt of your organization, that people and young fighters aspire to enter the UFC, they aspire to be UFC champion,” Woodley said.

“I don’t think many people are going to aspire to be the champion when they see how champions are treated. And they see that the non-champions and the people that are unprofessional – middle-finger flicking, s–t talking – they’re actually making the money.

“So what kind of picture are we trying to put out? I thought we were going in the direction to be parallel with the NFL, NHL, MLB and the other professional sports. It’s a circus until it comes to Tyron and now we want to go back to the old-school rubric. I got issues with that.”

Joanna Jedrzejczyk blames doctors for loss to Rose Namajunas

In one of the biggest shocks of 2017, dominant strawweight champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk was knocked out by Rose Namajunas at UFC 217. According to the Pole, the defeat was little to do with strategy or her coaches, but the negligence of doctors which led to her first defeat in mixed martial arts.

“Many people asked me if I change coaches, club … My answer was ‘no’ because my coaches did their best to be in the best possible shape. The doctor, who had a big impact on how I felt 30 hours before the fight, failed.

“People who are not in sports, in which you need to watch this weight, do not know what it’s eating. It often has negative effects on our health and even life. I am asking for patience, just like I have to wait for the day when I will receive a strawweight belt.”

Conor McGregor samples the local produce in Amsterdam

UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor paid a visit to the Netherlands, stopping at a local coffee shop. Locals were surprised to see the Irishman sampling the goods, as he enjoys some down time before his expected return to competitive action.

It is still not known what is next for “The Notorious,” although a rematch with Floyd Mayweather Jr. likely holds his interest more due to the money he could potentially make in a second dance against the boxing legend.

Ben Askren pushing for Georges St-Pierre superfight

The former Bellator and ONE Championship kingpin has been vocal about the possibility of fighting the UFC legend on more than one occasion in the past.

Askren, who is widely regarded as one of the greatest fighters never to feature in the UFC, believes that a showdown with GSP would give him the opportunity to prove that he is the ‘best in the world’.

“My main motivation is to prove I’m #1 in the world. I think it will happen, at the Bell Centre (in Montreal). Me vs. ‘GSP,’ probably somewhere in late 2019… I don’t need to make any more money from fighting, and there’s only one thing left to prove.

“I’ve been #1 for the past five years, and I’ve unfortunately never had the chance to prove that fight. It’s the one thing that interests me,” he said.

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