UFC News Round-Up 19.2.18: Cerrone is Back, Diaz Lights Up

In today’s UFC news round-up we’re chewing the fat about Cerrone’s comeback win, Conor McGregor’s send-off message, and Nate Diaz caught in the headlights. 

  • Mayweather reportedly exits negotiations with McGregor
  • Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone back to winning ways
  • Nate Diaz almost lights joint on live TV
  • Max Holloway hits back at McGregor taunt
  • Derrick Lewis KO’s Marcin Tybura

Mayweather vs. McGregor II is off… for now

Conor McGregor claims that Floyd Mayweather has pulled out of negotiations for a fight which could have seen the boxing legend enter the Octagon. McGregor took to Instagram on Sunday to suggest “Money” had pulled out of talks pertaining to a second fight between the two:

“I am happy for Floyd and his recent announcement that he is out of these current fight negotiations,” McGregor wrote. “It is the reason I never seeked the rematch in the first place. I was happy for him in retirement.

“My game is a very unforgiving one. It is not like other games. I understand completely him staying retired. I will now carry on in my negotiations and see where it goes. Have a great retirement Junior. Now come here and give your old man a hug for old times sake. I’m proud of you son. Yours truly, Senior.”

“Cowboy” back on winning form

Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone ended a disappointing three-fight losing skid to an end with a victory over the three-fight streaking Yancy Medeiros in Austin, Texas on Sunday night. The veteran fan-favourite didn’t get off to the best of starts but pulled off an impressive first round TKO in order to bring his winning count to 20 inside the UFC, which ties him with Michael Bisping and Georges St-Pierre.

Nate Diaz almost lights up on air

Nate Diaz was a welcome face in the crowd at UFC Austin on Sunday night, although he may have momentarily given TV producers a reason to worry. Diaz grabbed a blunt from his pocket, put it in his mouth and indicated that he was ready to light it, mockingly suggesting that he was set to smoke it inside the arena.

Diaz is rumoured to be preparing for his return to the promotion in the next few months, with some claiming a trilogy fight with Conor McGregor is on the cards.

Max Holloway bites back

Conor McGregor’s latest poke at Max Holloway was met with an excellent response from the Hawaiian. McGregor took to Instagram to send a message to Holloway, which was met by a classy reply from “Blessed”:

“This was just moments after I dabbed in the octagon with my son after a fight in Detroit Michigan,” wrote Holloway. “It was when I faced off against the former featherweight champ and legend Jose Aldo who I stopped for the second time. It was a great legend against me in there that night in just my first title defense.

“Aldo is a hell of a fighter, I wonder what the future holds for my Brazilian brother. Getting paid is needed in a fight definitely. Some can find the motivation to defend no matter what however where as some can not.

“I always think there is a moment in your career that make you a true champion. It’s when you find the motivation to keep earning what you already have, to defend. I have had one in my blessed career and this was most certainly the first of many #blessedera”

Derrick Lewis hits a hometown KO against Tybura

UFC heavyweight Derrick Lewis scored a sublime third-round knockout in front of fans at UFC Austin on Sunday night. Lewis bagged himself a Performance of the Night bonus for his win over Tybura.

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