11 UFC and Boxing Celebrity Look-Alikes That Will Blow Your Mind

We have discovered 11 of the most remarkable celebrities who resemble professional athletes within boxing and the UFC. If the A-list movie stars below have never thought of playing the role of a fight sports star in a Hollywood biopic, then here’s their big chance.

Which other boxers and mixed martial artists have a celebrity doppelganger we haven’t yet spotted?


1. Ben Stiller and Kenny Florian

If there was an award for UFC pout of the year, this headshot of Florian would take gold all day long. Who better then to compare to Zoolander himself than the former lightweight champ.

2. Woody Harrelson and Stipe Miocic

One is the heavyweight champion in his prime, the other is an ageing thespian… but with a little follicle magic and a few hours in the gym, Woody could have the makings of a Miocic.

3. Lamorne Morris and Terence Crawford

TV wise-ass Lamorne Morris is far from fighting material but with that stare he could almost pull off a striking likeness for Bud.

4. Cuba Gooding Jr and Rashad Evans

From Boyz n the Hood to men in the Octagon, the figures cut by Cuba Gooding Jr and Rashad Evans differ wildly. In age there has grown a resemblance that neither guy would frown upon admitting.

5. Jim Carrey and Rich Franklin

Possibly the easiest match-up of the bunch, Franklin inherited the nickname “Ace” from an early point in his MMA career to the end of his UFC tenure. No further words needed, alrighty then!

6. Will Smith and Daniel Jacobs

Even though Smith gave a stellar performance as the heavyweight champ Ali, we prefer him better suited as a physical match to the middleweight contender Jacobs.┬áIt’s the ears, isn’t it?

7. Idris Elba and Sonny Liston

Elba fooled us all with his eloquent Baltimore dialect in The Wire, and if he could put on the frighteners on as Stringer Bell then he’d no doubt do big bad Sonny Liston justice.

8. Chris Evans and Rory MacDonald

These guys are a national boarder apart but almost inseparable when it comes to looks. Just one thing Cap’, lay off those protein shakes if you’re going to cut down to welterweight.

9. Tom Selleck and Dan Severn

One may have been a brute force in the dark days of UFC and the other an on-screen charmer, but one a magnificent facial moustache makes them hard to tell apart.

10. Jon Berthnal and Johnny Tapia

Both famed for dishing out punishment on demand, Johny T and Jon B have been in more wars collectively than we care to remember. The canny resemblance hasn’t gone unnoticed.

11. Cillian Murphy and Darren Till

The king of the Liverpool fight scene carries a similar stature to that of Murphy’s character in TV show Peaky Blinders, from the cocksure walk to the floppy fringe.

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