UFC and Boxing Betting

The following information should not be taken as advice as it does not encourage gambling or betting on boxing events or UFC events. The explanations below are here to help users make distinctions between common terms founds within sites offering gambling or betting services.

To win fight

Exactly as you’d expect, place a stake on the boxer or UFC fighter you believe to win the fight, by any means. This includes all potential outcomes: knockout, technical knockout, split decision, majority decision, or disqualification.

Odds for UFC and boxing matches for a contender to win a fight are based on criteria, such as current form, weigh-ins, fight location, fighter age and fight status (title fight or otherwise).

To predict that a favourite will win is likely to offer a small stake return, whereas betting on the underdog – albeit higher risk – is going to give a greater return.

Method of victory

There are multiple ways in which punters can bet on UFC and boxing matches to end. The method of victory market refers to the victory types mentioned above, those being: knockout or technical knockout, points, or disqualification.

Let’s imagine Floyd Mayweather has a rematch with Conor McGregor – if the bet is for him to knock out McGregor and it happens, then the bet wins.

If the outcome is the same but the bet is for Mayweather to win on points, then the bet is lost. Betting on method of victory can offer more attractive odds due to the variation of possible endings to the event.

Round betting

Rather than pick a fight winner, or method of victory, it’s also possible to place a stake on the point at which the fight will be stopped. In this market, those markers are judged start and end between rounds.

A punter can place a bet of a UFC or boxing fight to finish after any round. Betting vendors will, on average, give greater odds at the beginning of the fight and towards the later rounds, whereas odds for a fight to end in rounds 5, 6, 7 or 8 will tend to have more favourable odds.

This balance will ultimately shift depending on who’s fighting, when, where and if the competitors have fought one another before.

Round group betting

To win a return on a stake in this market the consumer must predict which group of rounds in which the fight will end.

Vendors typically allow for a bet to be placed on rounds 1-3, rounds 4-6, rounds 7,9, rounds 10-12. There is safety in numbers here, knowing that a larger portion of the fight is covered by one or multiple stakes. However, due to the spread the odds will decrease with it. 

Fight to go the distance

This market asks if the outcome of the fight will go to the judges scorecards or not. For instance, if a stake is placed on Conor McGregor to win within the allocated three or five rounds and he successfully does so, then the assumed bet should be for the fight to not go the distance.

If a stake is placed on McGregor to win on a verdict after the final bell – such as a points decision – then the correct bet should be for the fight to go the distance. Take note, the number of rounds differed between boxing and UFC / MMA events.

Total rounds

As simple as it sounds: place a stake on the round in which the fight is most likely to be stopped. If for example, Terence Crawford was to stop Mikey Garcia in the eighth round of the fight then a bet placed on a total of eight rounds would win.

Any bets placed on the total rounds exceeding eight would lose, no returns offered. A traditional UFC fight is made up of three rounds, unless it is a title fight or a headliner event, in which case five rounds is mandatory.

Boxing matches have a wider spectrum, many will be scheduled for 12 rounds although fighters featuring on an undercard can box as few as six.

To win outright

Similar to betting on a boxing or UFC betting for Usually reserved for a major tournament or competition style event, such as a boxing World Super Series, or a Bellator / K1 grand prix.

The idea behind this betting option is to give the consumer the option to choose a fighter to defeat all opponents along the way, completing not one but multiple bouts in the process.

The odds in this market are likely to be higher than for a single boxing or UFC event due to the greater risk of failure.

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