GSP Shuts Down Talk of Conor McGregor Fight, Also Rules Out Askren Bout

George St-Pierre recently made a triumphant MMA comeback, having beaten Michael Bisping at UFC 217 and winning the UFC Middleweight title, which he relinquished soon after.

Despite giving up the belt, GSP made it clear that he would not be retiring from the sport, instead claiming that he would have ‘legacy’ fights once he was fully recovered from an illness he was currently battling. For GSP, ‘legacy’ fights are those with a mixture of popularity and personal challenge that, according to the Canadian, will help enhance his legacy as an MMA legend.

GSP recently said that he felt a Conor McGregor match was not an appropriate legacy fight. Now, GSP has also scratched undefeated Welterweight Ben Askren off the list of such fights.

According to the 23-fight UFC veteran, Askren possesses the right skillset, especially with his wrestling prowess, for a potential fight. However, it is his lack of mainstream MMA exposure, according to GSP, that has led to his lack of interest in a fight with Askren.

Speaking on popular online show The MMA Hour, GSP labelled Askren as one of the best welterweight fighters in the world. He also stated his disbelief that the former Bellator and One Championship Welterweight Champion never got the chance to fight in the UFC before his retirement from the sport in 2017.

All of the above factors has led to GSP viewing a St-Pierre vs. Askren match as a ‘nothing-to-gain, everything-to-lose’ situation, as his career could potentially be viewed unfavourably if he was to lose whereas a win could simply result in Askren’s career being viewed in the same light.

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