How real is earning on the Internet for beginners

If you are looking for the answer to the question “Is it possible to earn at least several hundred rubles on the Internet?”, then with 100% certainty we can answer “YES”.

We just do not hope that you don’t have to do anything. You really can sit at home in your usual environment, and you will need to work hard.

In order to find money on the Internet without investments, you will need to learn how to filter information and bypass scammers who offer easy money.

Where to start making money on the Internet

Before you begin to analyze the types of earnings on the Internet for beginners, you should answer these questions:

  1. “What am I doing best?”;
  2. “What would I like to do?”;
  3. “How much time can I spend on the Internet?”

Answering these simple questions, you will find work to your liking. For example, you have some writing talent. At school, they wrote the best essays and all their conscious lives they wanted to publish their book. Today, you sit on the Internet for about 2-3 hours. Then, you can try to work as a copywriter. Write articles to order and get paid for it.

In parallel with the search for a suitable job, you need to create an electronic wallet in any payment system. We would recommend Yandex Money and Web Money (Webmoney).

Easy money on the Internet for a beginner – 5 ways

  1. Enter captcha. The meaning of this work is as follows. You find a site where you are asked to enter a combination of numbers and letters in a specific box. When you do this operation several thousand times, you will be paid a small amount. Performing such work, do not count on a large salary. But ice cream should be enough. If you are not afraid of monotonous work, then you can safely start. 
  2. Mailers and clicks. This method is very similar to surfing, only in this case you will receive letters in the mail that will contain links that you will need to follow (in detail about earnings on clicks);
  3. Earnings in social networks. To make money on social networks, you must be registered on Instagram, Twitter, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki. You can receive small, but still money for joining groups, your comments, likes, promotion, and advertising of products and services, etc.
  4. File sharing. The essence of this work is as follows. You upload absolutely any information (films, videos, pictures, photos, books, etc.) to a certain site, and after it has become popular and other users have begun to download it, you will be paid a salary. But be prepared that you will have to work a lot. The more information you download, the more people download it, and accordingly the more net profit you get;
  5. Writing reviews. Earn several hundred rubles a month by writing reviews. There are many sites that offer to leave a review about a product, service, some institution, for which they promise to pay. You will need to register on such a resource and start writing reviews. The site administration, depending on the size of your review, its quality and the number of attached photos, decides how much to pay you for the work. For example, on the Otzovik website, you can earn from a few cents to 10 rubles on one review. True, getting paid more than 5 rubles for your review is very difficult.

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