Did GSP duck Tyron Woodley in a UFC welterweight title fight?

It’s been a while since GSP earned the UFC middleweight crown. Shortly after making mince meat of British champion Michael Bisping – who was only technically babysitting the belt – St Pierre made a beeline for the hospital bed for surgery of all manner.

Due to the injuries he sustained, including ulcerative colitis, after the Bisping fight St Pierre had no choice but to vacate the title. Shit luck for some.

UFC fans have been on the edge of their seats waiting for the former two-time champion to return to action. The man in the frame for his comeback fight is Tyron Woodley. Little did we know that plans for fight were close to fruition during “Rush’’s time out of the UFC.

In a recent interview this week, St Pierre admitted that he was locked in talks to challenge The Chosen One at 170lbs although eventually decided to take the jump to middleweight with an offer for Bisping’s title as the prize.

Rush said: “Tyron Woodley, in the beginning — before — I wanted to fight Tyron Woodley. A few years ago, I wanted to fight Tyron Woodley. We even texted each other.

“However the idea of coming back at 185 was put in my head, and then I thought it made more sense, so that’s why I chose to go at 185. Because I fought at 170 all of my life, and if I put my legacy against someone, it needs to be something great. Something that, the guy needs to be accomplishing something special. If I put my legacy at risk, I want it to be worth it.

“If I fight against a guy who fights at 170 — Tyron is a great champion, but I feel like he fought ‘Wonderboy,’ he won the fight, but his last fights were not fights that made history. He won the fights, it was great, but it feels like it was not like a special fight.”

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