Google’s service outage today was caused by… a router failure (Updated)

Reports have started to flood in that several Google services, including Gmail, Nest, YouTube, Drive, and even Search, are down for many. Outages appear to be mostly affecting the eastern US, though not everyone is affected.

Above: Top reports on DownDetector at the time of writing. Below: Map of reports for “Google” on DownDetector. 

Anecdotally, things are fine for our staff on the east coast (primarily in Boston), but the volume of reports makes it clear there is an outage occurring, just not everyone is affected. Even within certain services, results are intermittent. For example, some with Nest problems have no issues connecting to cameras, but can’t access their thermostat.

Although the G Suite Status Dashboard hasn’t yet noted an issue with any of Google’s services, the Nest Status Dashboard says the service is currently investigating a “login and device connectivity issue.”

With many currently unable to access Gmail or Search, this outage could make a substantial dent on work-from-home productivity. We’ll be sure to keep an eye on reports as things develop, and hopefully, this problem resolves soon.

The G Suite Status Dashboard now indicates that Google is aware of the current reports of problems:

As reports indicated, not all Google services are affected. The volume of reports seems to be dwindling, though, and some of our affected tipsters have seen previously affected services return. A fix is likely in progress.

Issue now resolved

Turns out, the cause of the issue was something as simple as a router failure:

Very sorry about that! We had a router failure in Atlanta, which affected traffic routed through that region. Things should be back to normal now. Just to make sure: this wasn’t related to traffic levels or any kind of overload, our network is not stressed by Covid-19.

— Urs Hölzle (@uhoelzle) March 26, 2020

Though there was some back-of-the-mind speculation that increased load might have been to blame, the source of the problem was much more mundane.

The issue should be resolved now. Back to work everyone.

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