Floyd Mayweather only makes eighth place in ESPN The Magazine most dominant athletes

ESPN The Magazine has listed Floyd Mayweather in eighth position on its list of most dominant athletes during the past 20-years.

Mayweather retired from boxing for a third time last year at the age of 40 after defeating Conor McGregor in the boxing to take his career record to 50-0.

During his illustrious career, Mayweather went on to win world titles in five different weight classes. The undisputed champion and promoter also went on to pocket more than $1 billion during his 21 year fighting career.

Though Mayweather may be done for good in boxing this time, we may yet see him again in combat sports as he recently indicated that he is working towards obtaining an MMA licence. This could indicate that the rumoured rematch against McGregor in the Octagon could happen.

So which other sporting superstars made the ESPM Most Dominant Athletes list..?

American golfer Tiger Woods was ranked number 1 on ESPN’s The Magazine list while LeBron James came in at 2. Peyton Manning came in at 3, Nascar driver Jimmie Johnson was 4th , tennis icon
Roger Federer 5th golfer Annika Sorenstam 6th and former Formula One driver Michael Schumacher

See the full results on the ESPN website.

The outcome of the list caused co-hosts Stephan A Smith and Max Kellerman to disagree during ESPN’s “First Take”. Smith felt that Mayweather should have come in at number 3 behind only Serena Williams, 1st and Woods, 2nd.

“Number three on the list – Max Kellerman, you’ll appreciate this – Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather,” Smith said. “[He’s] 50-0, even though I consider him 49-0 because I didn’t consider Conor McGregor a boxing match.

“I’m sorry. But 49-0, you wanna call it 50-0. But taking control of his own career, running his own show and generating in excess of a billion dollars for himself along the way, I mean, that’s just pure business brilliance. Give him, Al Haymon, Leonard Ellerbe all the credit in the world.

“We can’t ignore the fact that the man is undefeated, unblemished in a pugilistic sport for his entire career. We cannot ignore that.”

Kellerman, a veteran boxing analyst believes that Roy Jones should have been placed ahead of Mayweather on the list.

“Number three is not Floyd Mayweather, Stephen A.,” Kellerman explained, “because when they were at their best and their primes overlapped, Roy Jones Jr. was considered by everyone in the world better than Floyd Mayweather.

“Now he started getting knocked out later in his career, when he was old and melted back down from heavyweight, lost 25 pounds of lean muscle mass, was never the same again. But in his prime, Roy was the most dominant boxer I’ve ever seen.”

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