Boxing Predictions

The editorial team at Yo Tipster! have volunteered their expert tips on how the following fights will play out, with a short analysis on outright winner and win method for each upcoming bout.

Our boxing predictions cover a broad spectrum of divisions with the majority of weight classes – from heavyweight down to bantamweight – having dedicating premonitions leading up to their respective events.

When pronouncing our picks we also take into account the current odds given by leading bookmakers although this is not used as a counterargument but to contextualise the likelihood of our picks against the majority vote.

The picks below will mainly feature fighters within the top 10 rankings per division, which falls in line with our exclusive boxing previews found in our news section.

Here you will find a breakdown of the boxing predictions by weight division.


Heavyweight Boxing Predictions & Betting Tips

On this page you will find a summary of predictions for upcoming fights within the following divisions:

  • Heavyweight – unlimited
  • Cruiserweight – 200 lb / 90.72 kg / 14 st 4
  • Light-heavyweight – 175 lb / 79.38 kg / 12 st 7

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Middleweight Boxing Predictions & Betting Tips

A list of middleweight boxing predictions for scheduled fights within the following divisions:

  • Super middleweight – 168 lb / 76.2 kg / 12 st
  • Middleweight – 160 lb / 72.57 kg / 11 st 6
  • Super welterweight – 154 lb / 69.85 kg / 11 st
  • Welterweight – 147 lb / 66.68 kg / 10 st 7

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Lightweight Boxing Predictions & Betting Tips

Read our lightweight boxing predictions for fights within the following divisions:

  • Super lightweight – 140 lb / 63.5 kg / 10 st
  • Lightweight – 135 lb / 61.23 kg / 9 st 9
  • Super featherweight – 130 lb / 58.97 kg / 9 st 4
  • Featherweight – 126 lb / 57.15 kg / 9 st
  • Super bantamweight – 122 lb / 55.34 kg / 8 st 10
  • Bantamweight – 118 lb / 53.52 kg / 8 st 6

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What are boxing weight classes and divisions?

A weight class, also known as a division, is a measurement weight range for amateur and professional boxers to abide by. In order to fight a boxer must record his weight before the bout as an indication of which weight bracket he falls into. A fighter must not exceed the upper limit of the division for which the event has been scheduled. If a fighter weighs in well beneath the upper limit of then he may consider fighting within a lighter division in order to gain size advantage over his opponent.

Credit: BBC Boxing


The exception to the rule for meeting weight is the heavyweight division in boxing. As the highest of the recognised classes, there is no cap on how large a fighter can be or weigh in at, providing they are passed medically fit by the board of boxing.

Should a boxer not make weight – by weighing in at one or more pounds over the limit – then he may be disqualified or stripped of his purse and privileges to earn a title belt (if on the line).