Boxing Prediction: Lomachenko vs Rigondeaux

Loma vs. Rigo. Fight of the year? All the ingredients are here for a potential war between two Olympic Champions. It’s the first time gold medalists have faced one another in the ring so we’re hoping that the event this weekend lives up to the boxing hype. Let’s discuss the two fighters’ chances:

Vasyl Lomachenko has an almost impeccable record in professional boxing with 9 wins, 1 loss and 7 knock-outs. His opponent, Guillermo Rigondeaux has been on the circuit for longer and racked up 17 wins and no losses. 11 of those wins have come through knock-out.

Lomachenko is clear favourite in the bookie’s eyes to leave the ring as champion for a number of reason, which we will dissect shortly. But first, a hat-tip to the Cuban Rigondeaux who at 37 years of age has stepped up in weight class to junior lightweight which is either a symptom of the fighter’s beaming confidence or an indication that he’s chasing one final major paycheque and is willing to move out of his comfort zone to do so.

Either way, fans can epxect fireworks at the sold-out Madison Square Garden Theatre in New York on Saturday. Many agree that Loma and Rigo are among the contenders for pound-for-pound boxer in this golden age. But only one will prevail victorious… so who is your money on?

All major sports books have Lomachenko as clear favourite to retain his title and looking at how those odds are stacking up, you can expect a modest return by backing the brash Ukrainian to put away Rigo inside 12 rounds. Our boxing prediction here is tipping Lomachenko to take control of the fight by the midway point of the match-up and aim to wear down Rigo by the late rounds. His pace and persistence should be too much for the Cuban who is suffering from ring-rust and have never been tested by an opponent of much larger size, determination and sophistication of punching combinations.

If you are looking for a large reward from a slim stake then betting in Rigondeaux to edge out a draw could be worth a punt. If the underdog manages to disrupt the rhythm of the past-punching Lomchecnko for long enough the fight may inevitably grind to a halt and the outcome will go to the scorecards.

We’re hoping that this won’t be the case as all boing purists out there will be anticipating fight of the ages. Best of luck to both fighters.

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