Boxing News Round-Up 8.2.18: Ring Card Girls and Roy Jones Jr

Gareth A. Davies predicts McGregor vs. Mayweather rematch

Boxing expert Gareth. A. Davies has claimed that boxing legend Floyd Mayweather is in talks over a
possible $500 million rematch with Conor McGregor under UFC rules.

The two fought last August in a boxing match with Mayweather winning in the tenth round via TKO.
McGregor is keen for a rematch and speculation has grown rife over recent weeks suggesting that

Mayweather has indicated on social media that he is considering the possibility of stepping into the
Octagon after posting a video of himself in the Octagon and asking for about the odds of him
engaging in a fight.

He was however wearing a Paddy Power branded shorts during the video which also indicates that it
may have been a publicity stunt.

While many experts suggest that Mayweather would not stand a chance under UFC rules, Davies
believes that a fight could happen.

“My soundings are that there are a lot of talks going on in the background, there are a lot of talks
around people with Mayweather,” he told talkSPORT.

“There are a lot of talks about him potentially having an MMA fight with Conor McGregor… Conor McGregor had no chance in a boxing match with Floyd Mayweather.”

“People will tune in to see Mayweather get stopped by Conor McGregor and it won’t affect his
boxing record.

“I think it’s going to happen and I think it will be a three, four, five hundred million dollar fight

Boxing ring-card girls hit back over ban saga

Boxing Ring Card girls appeared on Good Morning Britain to defend their role amid suggestions that
boxing should no longer use them.

Formula 1 recently scrapped the use of “grid-girls” and some have suggested that boxing should also
follow suit.

The Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) also followed suit and announced that it would stop using
‘walk-on girls’ to accompany players.

Sarah Beverley Jones suggested that she had never felt objectified during her three years working as
a “ring-card” girl and said: “[Women] have come out with derogatory comments. They are insulting our intelligence based on our occupation. They are calling us prostitutes online. It’s very upsetting and insulting.”

Credit: Twitter / Sarah Beverley Jones

Leading boxing promoters from Britain have however suggested that they have no plans to scrap the
use of ring-card girls just as yet.

Leading promoter Eddie Hearn told GQ Magazine: “In my opinion it has nothing to do with sexism or feminism.”

Source: Daily Mail 

George Groves supports life ban for dopers

Super middleweight champion George Groves has urged boxing promoters to suspend those who are caught for doping for life.

This comes after British boxer Muhammad Ali was suspended for two years for taking drugs. Ali’s suspension is the latest debacle concerning doping in boxing after Tyson Fury’s two-year backdated ban for an alleged historic failure of a test.

Groves commented: “Boxers are doing drugs in boxing, it’s disgusting. Anyone who takes performance enhancing substances to improve performance and power should not be allowed to compete ever again.”

“We know that drugs are rife in sport and that people turn a blind eye. But in boxing we’re not talking about someone cheating to run 100 yards faster than someone else, and maybe stop that person earning his due money.

“When it comes to boxing we are looking at putting opponents’ lives at risk. Ours is a combat sport in which you can get seriously hurt. Two years is not enough for deliberate steroid abuse. It is immoral, unethical and I’m not sure it’s not criminal.

“Yet we could all name half a dozen boxers who have been banned for this in the past but are still
boxing now.”

The Londoner is currently training for his semi-final fight against Chris Eubank Jnr in the Super Boxing Series, this coming weekend.

Source: Daily Mail

Chinese boxing star will not retire amid eye problems

Although he is suffering from eye-disease, Chinese boxing star Zou Shiming has confirmed that he is
not as yet ready to retire.

Zou previously won gold medals at the 2008 and 2012 Olympic games and also held the WBO
flyweight title from 2016 to 2017.

After losing to Sho Kimura of Japan, Zou lost the WBO flyweight title last July. Despite having been diagnosed with serious eye-diseases, Zou has insisted that he is not as yet ready to hang up his gloves.

“I’m cooperating with doctors to get some treatment, and I will never give up. If my body allows it, I think I can fight in the ring”, said the 36-year- old.

After undergoing surgery to repair his eye damage, Zou and his team said that there has been
improvement in his vision but added that it is too early to say whether he will be able to ever make a
return to the boxing ring.


Roy Jones Jr ready to retire

Roy Jones Jr has said that he is ready to say goodbye to boxing at the age of 49.

Jones Jr (65-9) (47 KO’s) who is widely considered to be one of the best pound-for- pound fighters of
all time will compete in a cruiserweight (200lbs) fight against Scott Sigmon 30-11- 1.

The 10-round fight will serve as the main event to a five-fight Island Fights main card which will
feature both boxing and mixed martial arts bouts.

The event will be streamed and available on video-on demand basis on UFC Fight pass, which is the
UFC’S digital streaming service.

Speaking about his final fight, Jones jr said: “It feels different. I’m emotional even thinking about how I’m going to feel on the day. I’m almost tearing up talking. I’m worried about how I am going to feel all day of the fight. I may be crying all day – but once I am in the ring I’ll have to put those tears away because there’s gonna be a guy in the other corner looking to beat me. Scott Sigmon won’t care about those tears. He cares about getting the win, that’s the reality.

“I turned professional in May 1989 in this same arena, but I’ve been doing this since 1979. In 39
years there’s not been a single day where I didn’t put on glove, skip, watch tape or spend time
thinking about boxing.”

“Boxing has been my life and it is my life. I’ve enjoyed every moment of it. So much of it is still fresh
(in my mind), not one thing but so much jumps out when I look back… representing my country at
the Olympics in 1988, becoming a world champion for the first time, becoming the No.1 pound-for-
pound vs James Toney, winning the world heavyweight title… like it was all yesterday.”

Source: World Boxing News

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