Demon’s Souls PS5 Tech Breakdown Demonstrates Next-Gen Console’s Power

Digital Foundry’s latest video breaks down the upcoming PS5 remake of Demon’s Souls, and it’s one of the most impressive next-gen titles so far.

Demon's Souls PS5

A new video from Digital Foundry has analyzed the technical performance of the Demon’s Souls remake on PS5, and the results are very encouraging. This remake of the original Souls game is one of the most anticipated next-gen exclusives, especially after its gameplay trailer debuted at the PS5 showcase.

Developer Bluepoint Games is rebuilding Demon’s Souls from the ground up for PS5, just as it previously did for the seminal Shadow of the Colossus on PS4. Fans have been chomping at the bit to find out more about the Demon’s Souls remake and whether or not it will include any new features or changes. Some say the game should remain as unaltered as possible, others say it needs mechanical updates and quality-of-life improvements, and still others have speculated that Demon’s Souls remake could add The Land of the Giants, which was an incomplete zone that didn’t make it into the original game. While Bluepoint and Sony have kept quiet about potential additional content so far, we now have a good idea of how the game will look and run thanks to Digital Foundry.

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In its latest video, Digital Foundry provides a tech breakdown and analysis of the Demon’s Souls PS5 gameplay trailer. In short, there’s a tremendous amount of new environmental details and taxing visual effects in the game, yet it can still run at a consistent 1440p resolution and 60fps frame rate throughout the demo. Digital Foundry expects that the gameplay trailer is showing the performance mode of the game, since 4K assets have already been seen for the final version. Reworked animations, lighting, materials, and effects were all on full display and there were only a few times when the frame rate briefly dropped into the mid-50s.

On the whole, Digital Foundry claims that this was an amazing showing for the Demon’s Souls remake. It certainly looks like the most visually advanced and best-performing Souls title by far, and one of the most exciting steps forward for the next generation. One can’t help but wonder how the game would perform on a high-end PC, even though Sony now claims Demon’s Souls will be a PS5 exclusive.

Out of all the next-gen games shown so far, Demon’s Souls is perhaps the most “next-gen” of them all. Complaints about the visual fidelity of games like Halo Infinite and Final Fantasy XVI are rampant, but everyone seems thoroughly impressed by Bluepoint’s work. Ironically, a remake of an 11-year-old game may become the killer app that prompts many people to buy a PS5.

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Demon’s Souls will be available as an exclusive PS5 launch title on November 12, 2020.

Source: Digital Foundry


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